Miles of Magazines at Chicago-Main Newsstand

If you take the Purple Line or Metra to Evanston, you are likely to pass by the Chicago-Main Newsstand.  The building itself is new, but the refurbished neon sign above the store is from the original newsstand, the one which opened in the 1930’s on this same block. Take time to browse, as Chicago-Main prides itself in offering “the largest selection of newspapers and magazines on the North Shore.”

Chicago-Main Newsstand

Today’s store includes over 5,000 magazines and newspapers, covering news (local, international, and out-of-town), hobbies, arts and design, sports, travel, literary, science, computers, video games, business, and countless other topics and categories. There are publications in French, German, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, and Arabic, and an entire section of publications about Chicago.  The owner adds new titles every month.

Chicago-Main is open every day of the week, 7 A.M. to 10 P.M., 860 Chicago Avenue at the corner of Main Street.

Chicago-Main Newsstand

2 thoughts on “Miles of Magazines at Chicago-Main Newsstand

  1. I’ve finally seen these chairs!!!! It’s too cold to get out and REALLY see them, but I can’t imagine how they’d eluded my vision before, despite so many drive-bys. That’s one reason why your column is so welcome! Keep on opening our collective eyes!

  2. Thanks, Bindy! The snow is gone now and the weather is warming up…no doubt you will get to enjoy the chairs first-hand and see the lovely details sometime soon. Thanks for being a fan!

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