Feeling Green

Recently Pantone introduced Emerald 17-5641 as the Pantone Color of the Year for 2013. It’s a lovely, rich shade of green and looks stunning with yellows, blues, white, and other shades of green.  I was not consciously thinking about Pantone during one of my walks today, but was nearly brought up short by this stunning door color.

Feeling Green

The chartreuse color, decidedly not an emerald green, is vivid and fresh, and it especially pops because of the frame with shades of brown, gray, black and a faded robin’s egg blue for contrast.  I took my picture and kept on walking — my dogs do not like to dawdle — and soon I was seeing shades of green everywhere.


I love color and gravitate toward bright rich tones with lots of pigment.  My apartment oozes beautiful colors including blues, pinks, purples, silver, grays and browns.  Color affects mood and emotion.  Today I noticed the color of a door and saw it as if for the first time.  It captivated and energized me.  What colors grab and captivate you?

2 thoughts on “Feeling Green

  1. Okay, E.E., where’s the green in photos #3 & 5????

    I can’t imagine that you really want to know what our favorite colors are, but here are mine: red, and all the variations thereof. I’ve noticed that, quite accidentally, my spring/summer wardrobe veers toward the pink family, but I even am drawn to orange sometimes. I had three daughters: the oldest one is almost never in anything brighter than beiges, light blues, or tans; the middle one wears screaming(but attractive)bright colors, and my late baby daughter, a flaming redhead as a child, wore brighter and more daring colors as she aged and her hair got less red. My blue-eyed son won’t be caught dead in anything that I keep urging him to wear to “bring out his eyes”.

    (Signed)Everything Eureka!

  2. Hi Bindy! Moving left to right, top to bottom, photo 3 shows the curvy slide and photo 5 includes a home with a lovely pale shade of green. Sounds like you have lots of color in your family!

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