Wild Things

On my walks through Evanston I am amazed by the number of creatures with whom we share space.  Not the usual fare of geese, bunnies, and squirrels; these are much more exotic and worthy of inspection.

I usually do my exploring with my own version of wild things–their names are Fig and Honey, and they are eight pounds each of energy and unbridled love.  If you see us on our jaunts about town, please reach out and say hello.  Fig and Honey may react a bit loudly, but I will be delighted.

Fig and Honey

4 thoughts on “Wild Things

  1. I believe there is a duck (?) in a window across the street from my store.

  2. Cool! I wanted this gallery to be only animals that were outside…but the duck could be included in the post about birds!

    You are my most loyal reader! xo

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