Great Exhibit at Northwestern University’s Dittmar Memorial Gallery

Tiny but mighty, this powerful exhibit, Plastic World, by Mary Ellen Croteau, creates art from refuse.  While plastic today is meant to be recycled, everything seen in this exhibit was collected by the artist, her family or friends.  The works are simplistic and sculptural, eerily beautiful in a way that makes one reconsider a prescription bottle or plastic bag.  Croteau weaves, braids, glues, cuts and fabricates her art out everyday materials; Endless Columns in particular is elegant and stunning.  Collectively the works are approachable, even cheerful despite the dismal environmental damage they cause, in part because the materials are so commonplace.  Practically every color in the Crayola box shows up, giving the art a childlike quality, and yet these works are anything but.

For those who are not on or near campus, Dittmar is a bit out of the way, but it is worth a detour.  Include it on a visit to the Block Museum.

Plastic World by Mary Ellen Croteau

April 1 – May 5, 2013.  Located on the Northwestern University campus in Norris University Center, Dittmar Memorial Gallery.

2 thoughts on “Great Exhibit at Northwestern University’s Dittmar Memorial Gallery

  1. I’ve been to the Block any number of times — also to Norris (mostly the cafeteria)– but I’ve never heard of Dittmar! You’ll have to take me there some time. This looks like a great exhibition and I’d like to see it. My days off are full until Mid-May because of a hearing loss presentation a group I belong to is giving, and I’m in the thick of it. Also doing a show tomorrow and another for 3 days next week, so I m up to here in work. But it’ll get better……. Bindy

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