Ask for Table 23 at Koi

One of Evanston’s popular Asian restaurants sponsors a clever way of promoting and donating money to worthy local charities.  Koi selects a different Evanston-based charity every month and tastefully promotes it to their on-site dining, carryout and delivery clientele, making it very easy for those audiences to donate $1 or more with their order.  Koi also promises to donate 1% of all edamame sold during the month to the charity, so be sure to order edamame when you order your lunch or dinner.

But the best and most generous contribution from Koi is Table 23.


Ask for Table 23 by name when you make your reservation; you can’t just walk in and request it.  It’s the best table in the restaurant and 20% of the sub-totaled bill, minus tax and gratuity, is donated to that month’s charity by the restaurant. Yup, you read that correctly–20%! The lucky beneficiary for June is Senior Connections, an organization near and dear to my heart.

Senior Connections recruits, trains and supports volunteers who visit and befriend homebound or isolated older people living in Evanston.  There are other organizations who provide meals, medical assistance and transportation to seniors, all wonderful and necessary services, but only Senior Connections provides companionship. Volunteers typically spend an hour a week visiting with their senior.  There is no cost to enroll and the resulting friendships benefit both the senior and the volunteer.

Kudos to Koi on initiating this great way to give back to the community!  And think about volunteering with Senior Connections. You can make a difference in someone’s life.

Koi is located at 624 Davis Street in Evanston and open for lunch Monday through Saturday and for dinner every day. Senior Connections (847-869-0682) is located at the Reba Place Ministry Center at 535 Custer Avenue in Evanston, one block west of the South Boulevard Purple Line stop.

2 thoughts on “Ask for Table 23 at Koi

  1. Thank you for informing the community about this fabulous opportunity to support Senior Connections and Evanston’s finest eatery!

  2. Wow, that’s so nice, and you’re the first one (as far as I know) to reveal that information. Good for you, Wendi!

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