Ali’s Collection at Talia

One of the goals of this blog is to highlight the wonderful and unique things that delight me about Evanston, so a hometown jewelry designer fits perfectly in my niche.  I’ve already written about Talia and the beautiful clothes they sell.  Owners Asia and Agnieszka continue to delight with a well-edited collection of sherbert-colored dresses and separates to brighten up any woman’s summer wardrobe.  But a new summer frock needs a new summer accessory, and Ali’s Collection makes a statement with her chunky bracelets and rings adorned with slices of semi-precious stones and finely feminine earrings and necklaces.  Her Galaxy Collection is jewelry to wear when you want to be noticed, an affordable luxury to complement any outfit.

Ali is Alicia Mohr, and her work has already been featured in Michigan Avenue Magazine, among others, but the only retail location in Evanston to feature Ali’s Collection is Talia.  Indulge soon!

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