Truly Excellent: The Needle’s Excellency

I visited The Needle’s Excellency with my parents this past April.  My mother made a beautiful needlepoint canvas for me and wanted to have it made into a pillow.  I have designed pillows before, but none using a needlepoint canvas and never one with sentimental value. I chose fabric and trim from the remnant section at Vogue Fabrics, and together my parents and I cabbed it over to 1630 Central Street, practically across the street and a stone’s throw west of Northwestern University’s Ryan Field.

The name The Needle’s Excellency comes from a poem, The Praise of the Needle, written by John Taylor and published in London in 1631.  (Yes, that is the correct date and not a typo.)  Amrita Goldberg, a classically trained artist who studied at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, owns and manages The Needle’s Excellency.  Amrita designs canvasses, teaches classes at her store and other locations and provides guidance to collectors and museums about needlepoint arts.  She provided us with suggestions about turning the canvas into a pillow, and then expertly guided Mom as she chose another canvas for her next project. The array of designs and products Amrita stocks is vast, but not nearly as diverse as the types of fibers and colors available on site to bring the flat, grid-like designs to life.  Examples of finished pieces sit in display cases and on easels; they are lovely in their complexity and beauty.  The store/studio is roomy and collegial, making it inviting for people to work on their projects right there.

Others have described Amrita as world-renown in her skill as a designer, artist and teacher.  If needlepoint is your talent, passion or hobby, you have to visit The Needle’s Excellency. It’s everything you ever imagined and more.  Open Monday through Saturday; call 847-864-8228 to verify hours.

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