An Update on Fig and Other Events of Monumental Importance

Fig is doing spectacularly well and fully enjoying being the solo beneficiary of belly rubs, doggie treats and early morning snuggles.  We went biking a few times in October and November and he seemed to love it, but that may have something to do with someone else doing the exercise. He sported his new bright blue sweater and braved the wind without whimpering or barking in protest.

Fig's First Bike RideFig's New Sweater

Lately though it is a different story. Now that the temperature has dropped into single digits and there is snow on the ground, he is not having anything to do with going outside. Even when wearing a very warm (and quite stunning) faux suede parka, he will walk about 10 feet and then stop. Not hesitate, just STOP, as in, “There is no way I am moving one more inch.” I choose not to be a pet owner prone to dragging her dog, so I pick him up and go about my errands, which is probably just what he intended anyway.

How did I manage to fall in love with a dog that does not like to go on walks?

Did I mention he needs to lose weight? Several months ago the vet recommended Fig slim down a bit, suggesting she’d like “more definition in his upper body” and “his ribs to be evident,” the upshot being Fig needs to lose a couple of pounds, a large amount for such a small dog. This is not a trivial matter. It’s an important health issue because the extra weight is bad for his back and his hips.

You may wonder, How did this happen? Take a malnourished, underweight puppy craving TLC with the likes of me and you have the answer. It was absolutely my pleasure to feed Fig (and Honey, when she was able) chicken, sardines, salmon..anything to help them get stronger. Unfortunately, I overdid the Jewish mother cooking bit and now I have one slightly zaftig couch potato dog in need of less food and more exercise.

I will help him slim down and stick to the allotted 243 calories a day. That’s enough for two regular meals of kibble and a few doggie treats. I assume the bits of sweet potato and apple don’t contribute too many calories, but there isn’t a lot of extra with only 243.

Yesterday we went to the vet for his annual check up and vaccinations. Here he is at the vet’s before getting weighted–he looks naked without his collar, but as every girl knows with a weigh in, you have to take your jewelry off before you get on the scale.  The dieting efforts were worth it though–Fig lost half a pound!

Fig Before His Checkup

With at least another pound still to lose, Fig and I may need to resort to running up and down the stairs to burn calories. I suspect it’s going to be a long winter.

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