In Love With Paramour Bungalow

‘Tis the season of retail therapy and festive appearances, and Evanstonians have ample reason to rejoice. Paramour Bungalow opened this past June 1 (812 Dempster Street) and is already a destination for unique gifts and charming decor pieces. The array of merchandise is astounding and fresh, everything one needs to add a touch of creativity and character to any room.  Visual treats abound, especially with how the merchandise is presented in ways that are artful and clever.  Check out the rows of floor to ceiling pure white children’s chairs used as shelves for amazing knotted pillows and chaise throws. Rows of cards playfully displayed on shelves and atop the fireplace mantel balance out larger items like upholstered furniture. I loved how the owners found items from yesteryear (remember slide carousels, anyone?) now retrofitted into fun mirrors, one of many such creative choices.  This is a happy store, one you want to linger in and explore.

Go soon and come armed with a list of people for whom you need to purchase gifts. If you’ve finished your shopping early, treat yourself. There is something for just about everyone at Paramour Bungalow.  Open 11 AM to 6 PM Tuesday through Saturday. Closed on Sunday and Monday. Close to the Dempster Street stop on the Purple Line with ample street parking nearby.

3 thoughts on “In Love With Paramour Bungalow

  1. You are always so enthusiastic, it’s fun to bask in your reflected excitement! I’m sure P.B. (great name, tho I’m curious about just exactly what “paramour” means in this context!) is thrilled with your writeup! Bindy

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