Look Better Naked

akemi fitness.jpgLast week I stumbled upon one of Evanston’s best kept fitness secrets: Akemi Fitness Method. Jocelyn Davis, Akemi’s owner and founder, leads an array of efficient, enthusiastic and effective exercise classes. If you’ve ever wanted tighter abs, sculpted arms and a firm behind, I urge you to take a class. I did and I am hooked.

Jocelyn has a hard-core group of devotees, but her bubbly nature makes every newbie comfortable. Jocelyn has taught and danced for nearly 20 years. Akemi is her first solo enterprise, which she opened almost five years ago. If the depth and breadth of her experience doesn’t convince you, a skeptic needs no better proof than observing Jocelyn’s toned physique.

Attendees must pre-register, which you can do right on the website. The studio offers one class at a time; it’s not a gym where people go to ‘hang out’ and not work. My classmates arrived a few minutes before class started and were already wearing their workout gear. They were all friendly and chatty, but once the class started all eyes were on Jocelyn. She started the class on time and did not let up for an hour. The music was hip and upbeat and Jocelyn offers suggestions and corrections if needed as she leads the class. Of course we took water breaks and stretched out in child’s pose often, but I felt the intensity immediately. I also felt it the next day, but it’s a good kind of muscle pain that proves my body was actually working…and more out of shape than I realized. With a variety of classes offered each morning and most evenings, there are several instructors. Each one has been personally trained by Jocelyn.

The studio resides on the South side of Davis Street between Hinman and Chicago, tucked into the alley to the left of the dry cleaner as you are facing the street. (The exact address is 518 1/2 Davis Street.)

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