All the Best Things at Stumble & Relish

The area around Dempster Street and Chicago Avenues in Evanston is quickly becoming a magnet for fabulous gifts, charming decor items and unusual jewelry.  Only a few months ago the store stumble & relish quietly opened and considerably cheered up the block. Owned and managed by the mother and daughter team of Jaime Leonardi and Paulette Leffler, this wonderful store is packed with merchandise artfully arranged and spanning a range of price points.

The owners love to feature local artisans, especially those that work with eco-friendly and recycled materials. They’ve scoured estate sales and flea markets for unusual and repurposed display items such as quirky distressed doors, liquor bottles and all types of tables. stumble & relish oozes charm right from the storefront window, and the unique graphic flourishes add the right amount of exuberance.

There is so much to see here. stumble & relish resides at 1310 A Chicago Avenue just north of Dempster Street and a block east of the Purple Line el stop.

3 thoughts on “All the Best Things at Stumble & Relish

  1. Wendi, One of these days (after the snow melts!) I must spend a Thursday wandering around the Demptster street corridor. I haven’t been to Secret Treasures in ages, and I’ve never been to the little thrift shop that opened next door. And this place –the name alone is enuf to lure me in! What side of Chicago Ave. is it on?

    I hope you and pup are doing well despite it no doubt getting buried up to its ears when stepping outside! I am having lots of thinking time while at work these days, as you can imagine! Still, I have a lot to think about, so it’s not a bid situation.


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