A Movie Star in Our Midst

One of the first friends I made in Evanston was Bindy Bitterman, owner of Eureka! Antiques and Collectibles.  Both the store and Bindy were the subject of my first blog post.  To know Bindy is to love her. Bindy taught me about ephemera, introduced me to steampunk and regaled me with stories about Chicago and Evanston history. Little did I know she is also a movie star.

A newly released documentary, Finding Vivian Maier, is getting a lot of critical acclaim. The movie is about an odd Chicago-area nanny who photographed thousands of rolls of film, all of them never developed, hoarded them away, and the man who rescued them at auction and brought to the world’s attention a captivating body of work. The film’s website and Facebook pages brim with information about the collection, the movie and its reclusive subject. Bindy knew Vivian and participated in the movie, as this scene from the trailer shows.  

Scene from Finding Vivian Maier

Bindy Bitterman, a star in the making.

The movie is currently playing at Chicago’s Century Centre and Highland Park’s Renaissance Place. Bravo, Bindy!


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