Within the past weeks I have enjoyed some great meals within walking distance of the intersection of Chicago Avenue and Main Street.

For hearty Greek-American fare, go no further than Cross-Rhodes.  The atmosphere is homey–think ‘Cheers’ without the bar–where the waitresses, cooks and other patrons know the regulars and greet them as such.  I saw young families, couples on dates, singletons and folks waiting for take-out.  I vouch for the Greek salad, spanakopita and fries.  Good food, atmosphere and value.  Cash only.

Another ‘obvious after the fact’ find for me was Kuni’s Japanese Restaurant.  Everything we tried was authentic, fresh, and delicious.  The next time I dine at Kuni’s I plan to sit at the bar to watch the master, Mr. Yuji Kunii, prepare the food.

There are many more restaurants and food stores to sample within the Evanston city limits. I welcome your recommendations. Happy eating!

3 thoughts on “Ramblings

  1. Good point, Bindy, and thank you for pointing that out. I added it to the post shortly after your email. Thanks for looking out for Everything Evanston!

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