Celebration in Grey Park

This past Sunday, April 21, I helped build a fabric bridge in Grey Park.  It was a fabulously sunny afternoon as artists from the Open Studio Project led by Jan Ellenstein showed neighbors and friends how to begin weaving the bridge.   Merchants from the Main Street business district generously contributed supplies and Evanston’s own Mr. Rick entertained  the many children with songs as he played his guitar.

The theme of the day was ‘We Are One Community,’ a message heralded on brightly colored peace banners hung from a tree in many languages to represent Evanston’s cultural diversity. The celebration was one of several activities taking place as part of Evanston’s participation in Ten Thousand Ripples, a collaborative public art and peace education project.  Over the past eight months community groups throughout Chicago placed one hundred identical Buddha sculptures in nine neighborhoods plus Evanston.  Indira Freitas Johnson designed the Buddha sculpture, one of which sits in Grey Park slightly behind the seating of the amphitheater.

Look for the fabric bridge to be displayed in the gallery space of the Open Studio Project.

Conversations: Here and Now in the Snow at Twilight

Conversations: Here and Now

I LOVE this sculpture.  I love that it is accessible to anyone and everyone; it is functional as well as beautiful; it fits beautifully into this park, near the playground but apart from it.

Designed by Indira Freitas Johnson and installed in May 2009 as a gift to the City of Evanston, it resides in Raymond Park at the corner of Chicago Avenue and Grove Street. The sculpture was commissioned by the family of Isabel Alvarez MacLean to honor her memory.

In the coming weeks, I hope to learn more about both Ms. Johnson and Ms. MacLean. When I do, I will share it here.